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How I Spend My Money: A 34-Year-Old Drug Dealer Making 300k Per Year

WELCOME to How I Spend My Money, a totally original series on WWN that looks at what people in Ireland really do with their hard earned cash.

This week we chat to 34-year-old narcotics salesman Pajo Hollihan who lives in a local Waterford council estate and employs dozens of young people ...

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Did You Spot These ‘Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker’ Cameos?

AT this stage, many of you will have seen the indie sleeper hit Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, and had a right old time with its crazy story about a person from a sandy region becoming the saviour of the whole world before the age of 30. But did you spot all the cameos from famous faces ...

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Coronas Virus Must Be Stopped Confirm Irish Music Fans

A RELIEVED community of ardent Irish music fans admitted they had all but lost hope of someone acting to prevent the Coronas from continuing to spread their harmful aurally transmitted virus on the airwaves until the Chinese government stepped up to the plate.

“I’m not even ...

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Country Gets First Good Laugh Of Year After Labour Asks To Join Leaders Debate

ALTHOUGH the upcoming General Election has brought out some of the ugliest inter-party fighting that the country has ever seen and the nation remains numbed by the scale of the homelessness and health service crises, there was a moment of levity earlier today as the Labour party insisted that ...

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Harry Bids Fond Farewell To His Dad, And Prince Charles

AS Harry bids a fond farewell to his native home in search of a better life fending for himself in the wild beauty of the plains of Canada, he has rounded up all of his family members and Prince Charles for one last hurrah.

Harry, who will spend his life eating Walrus meat and wearing ...

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Man Crushed To Death By Mountain Of Election Leaflets Posted Through Letter Box

PARAMEDICS were called to a Dublin man’s house after he was left trapped under and ultimately crushed by a deluge of election campaign leaflets fired through his letter box following the first weekend of 2020 general election campaigning.

Declan Brohan (59) had been looking forward ...

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“100%” Local Woman Replies To Everything

DESPITE learning a vast array of words and phrases in her 26 years on the planet, Dublin woman Charlotte Hogan continues to reply to just about every single question with “100%”, a condition scientists believe is becoming more widespread among younger ...

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The Only Ways Liverpool Could Lose The League Now

LIVERPOOL’S long wait for a title is almost over, with even the most pessimistic of football fans conceding it is nigh on impossible that the Merseysiders could let their commanding lead slip.

And yet, the history books of the beautiful game are littered with examples of ...

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Fine Gael Divert Homeless Budget To Election Campaign

A PANIC-stricken Fine Gael have held an emergency budget meeting to divert as much public funding as possible to their general election campaign, following a shocking poll that shows them trailing behind Fianna Fáil by several points.

“Pull as much cash as you can away from housing ...

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Today’s Election Lies, Promises & Cock-Ups

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for all the twists and turns from today’s campaign trail:

As the drug gang violence continues to spill out onto the streets politicians have denied this is a ‘hot button election issue’ as “most of the communities terrorised by the gangs ...

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Netflix Confirm ‘Narcos: Ireland’ Filming Underway

THE STREAMING giant Netflix has named Ireland as the location for the next few series of the popular ‘Narcos’ series, stating the country was the obvious choice after recent drug-related headlines.

Netflix is sticking close to the winning formula of a filming in a narco-state ...

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Coroner Accidentally Burned Jeffrey Epstein’s Body & Dumped It In Ocean

WHAT is being labeled as a ‘simple’ administration error that ‘could have happened to any one of the bodies’ being stored in the New York City coroner’s office, the body belonging to billionaire sex trafficker and friend to the famous and the powerful, Jeffrey ...

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Concerned Coke User Hopes Latest Violent Murders Don’t Affect Supply

AFTER news that a 17-year-old child was murdered and had his body dismembered as gangland violence reached a barbaric low of incomprehensible sub-human savagery, one concerned local cocaine user expressed hope that horrific murders don’t disrupt his regular weekly supply.

“Ah ...

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Sinn Féin To Begin Spouting Racism In Bid To Get On RTÉ Debate

STRATEGISTS at Sinn Féin headquarters have devised a foolproof plan to ensure their party receives the same amount of airplay on RTÉ over the course of the 2020 General Election by dropping snippets of extreme racism, misogyny, right-wing nonsense and outright lies into their rhetoric from ...

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Putin Calls Meeting To Tell Russian Government They’ve All Resigned

ANNOUNCING his intention to live forever and rule over Russia well into the 25th century, President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that he called a meeting yesterday with Russian PM Dmitri Medvedev and his government to inform them that they had voluntarily resigned.

“We can confirm ...

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Today’s Election Campaign Catch Up

THROUGHOUT the 2020 general election campaign WWN’s vast team of roving reporters will bring all you the latest from around the country as politicians try to sell their uninspired and poorly thought out short-term vision for Ireland:

Unveiling their ‘A Future To Look Forward ...

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Netflix Greenlights ‘The Two Popes 2: Pope Harder’

WITH hundreds of viewers and two Academy Awards nominations in the bag, it seems people can’t get enough of Netflix’s “The Two Popes” and well, they’re in luck, because the streaming service has just OK’d a sequel provisionally titled ‘The Two Popes: ...

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Local Man Sharing Instagram Posts To Facebook Just For The Viewable Likes

STRUNG out on his daily hit of digitally infused dopamine, local man and wannabe influencer Jack Maher has been forced to resort to cross sharing his Instagram posts to Facebook, due to the social network hiding the number of likes from followers.

Despite migrating to Instagram because ...

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Take Our Quiz & We’ll Match You With Your Perfect Election Candidate

ELECTION 2020 campaigning is well and truly underway and like a large portion of the public you may be struggling to keep track of all the upstanding members of the public putting themselves forward, vying for your vote.

Not sure if your vote should go to the man on the poster on the lamp ...

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Dublin Commuters Advised To Factor Gangland Activity Into Daily Travel

AA ROADWATCH has added a new ‘crimewatch’ section to its traffic monitoring services, in a bid to cut down on hefty waiting times for commuters around Dublin city centre due to gangland murders and the like.

The measures are being taken following complaints about substantial ...

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Middle Class Couple To Vote Fine Gael Just To Keep The Poor In Their Place

ON FOOT of the announcement of a general election on the 8th of February one middle class couple is carefully weighing up their voting options.

Stating that issues such as housing, health and growing inequality are so deeply important to them, Dublin couple Sophie and Liam Creeland (both ...

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