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Poll: Are you giving up anything for Lent?

TODAY IS ASH Wednesday, traditionally seen as the first day of Lent.

After indulging on a pancake or two yesterday, this Christian tradition sees the start of the 40-day lead in to Easter where many aim to test themselves and give up something during this time.

Will you be one of ...

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Poll: When does Spring start ... it's today, right?

SPRING HAS BEGUN … or has it? Well, that depends on who you talk to, really. 

The season starts on 1st March and continues until the end of May, according to this fact sheet for primary school students from Met Éireann. 

That being said, many people disagree with ...

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'Heavy handed tactics': DUP says UK-registered trawlers were detained by Irish 'warship'

THE DEPUTY LEADER of the DUP has criticised the Irish government for what he described as “heavy handed tactics” after two UK-registered fishing vessels were detained. 

The two trawlers were detained in Dundalk Bay by Naval Service vessel the LÉ Orla on Tuesday. 

According to ...

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Poll: Should hospitals breath-test pregnant women to check if they smoke?

NEW IRISH RESEARCH suggests that pregnant women should be breath-tested during antenatal visits to check whether they are smoking.

The study found that women who smoke during pregnancy have serious dietary inadequacies and end up developing more problems than non-smokers.

Data from ...

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