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Over 5,000 Volvo cars in Ireland recalled over engine fire risk

VOLVO HAS ANNOUNCED that it is recalling over 5,000 cars in Ireland after an investigation discovered a faulty engine component which could cause a fire in certain models. 

The Swedish car manufacturer issued the recall for Volvo cars of years 2014-2019 with a 2-litre 4-cylinder diesel ...

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Irish airport complaints rose by 56% in 2018

THE NUMBER OF complaints received by the Commission for Aviation Regulation increased by 56% in 2018 – with 2,319 complaints submitted to the regulator last year. 

The scale of complaints is a significant jump from 2017. The commission has struggled to cope with the volume of ...

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'Rare' common toad captured in Dublin following public appeal

A RARE NON-NATIVE toad has been discovered in Stepaside following a campaign from the Herpetological Society of Ireland. 

The common toad is native to parts of Europe, Asia and Africa but not Ireland, and it is not yet known what the effect, if any, its presence in Ireland has on our own ...

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Bank of Ireland warns customers over phishing text scam

BANK OF IRELAND has warned customers to be wary of a phishing scam, after people reported receiving a text message telling them that their account had been “frozen”. 

On Twitter, several people said they received a message – claiming to be from Bank of Ireland – informing them ...

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Iran says it's arrested 17 'CIA spies' and sentenced some to death

IRANIAN AUTHORITIES HAVE said that security agencies had arrested 17 suspects and sentenced some of them to death after dismantling a CIA spy ring in a case announced last month.

The agencies “successfully dismantled a (CIA) spy network,” the head of counter-intelligence at the ...

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UK's Europe minister resigns ahead of expected election of Boris Johnson as new PM

THE UK’S MINISTER of State for Europe, Alan Duncan, has resigned his position ahead of the announcement of the official result of the Conservative leadership battle tomorrow. 

Boris Johnson is expected to be named as the new party leader tomorrow, and will take over as prime minister on ...

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Boris Johnson says that if we can go to the moon, we can solve the Irish border problem

THE FRONTRUNNER IN the race to become the next British Prime Minister has said that if landing on the Moon was possible, then it’s possible to find a solution to the Irish border problem that has been cited as a stumbling block to Brexit.

In his regular Telegraph column, Johnson ...

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India counting down to launch spacecraft to the moon a week after postponing mission

INDIA IS SET to launch its second attempt to send a landmark spacecraft to the moon today, a week after a fuel leak forced the launch to be postponed.

Indian scientists offered ritual prayers at temples near the base, according to media reports, and said they were confident there ...

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Mob attack in Hong Kong leaves dozens wounded following protest march

PRO-DEMOCRACY PROTESTERS in Hong Kong were assaulted by suspected triad gangsters in an attack that left dozens wounded. 

Yesterday evening gangs of men – most wearing white T-shirts and carrying bats, sticks and metal poles – set upon anti-government demonstrators as they ...

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Theresa May to hold emergency meeting as UK plots next step after Iran tanker seizure

AS HER LAST days as UK Prime Minister get under way, Theresa May will today hold talks at an emergency Cobra meeting to discuss the seizure of a British-flagged tanker near Iran.

The oil tanker was impounded on Friday, along with its 23 crew members, after it was seized by the Islamic ...

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Over 47,000 children waiting to see a specialist due to consultants shortage

THERE ARE 47,255 children across Ireland waiting to see a specialist paediatrician for an outpatient appointment in the three hospitals of Children’s Health Ireland, according to new figures.

Currently, 1 in 5 permanent consultant posts in the public health sector are either unfilled or ...

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Temperatures set to reach as high as 26 degrees as the week gets off to a warm, sunny start

TEMPERATURES ARE SET to climb above 20 degrees in many parts of the country today, with the north and east of the country set to bask in the heat over the next couple of days.

Met Éireann has forecast a dry day in most parts today, with warm and humid conditions bringing temperatures as ...

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Behind the scenes: Recording our 9 at 9 audio every morning

EVERYDAY LIFE CAN be hectic. It’s not always easy to keep up with the latest news in Ireland, the various political dramas or the world conflicts and disasters.

That’s why, in‘s infancy back in 2010, we created The 9 at 9, an article we and our readers are now very much ...

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The 8 at 8: Monday

EVERY MORNING, brings you all the news you need to know as you start the day.

1. #HOME HELP CARE: A total of 6,819 people are waiting for funding for home help hours, but the HSE continues to deny any cuts to the service.

2. #CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS: There are 47,255 ...

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'Fear in people's faces': priest describes moment car ploughs through crowds at Dundalk grave yard

A PARISH PRIEST has described the “frightening” moment a car ploughed through a crowd attending a religious event in Dundalk yesterday. 

One man was left seriously injured, and a number of others were also injured, after a car drove at speed through Dowdallshill grave yard in Dundalk, ...

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Whirlpool to launch recall of tumble dryers posing potential safety risk

WHIRLPOOL IS PREPARING to launch a recall of tumble dryers that have not yet been modified, as part of its long-running safety campaign. 

The recall will be rolled out across Ireland on 5 August 2019 and aims to encourage any remaining owners of affected dryers to make contact ...

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Where's Fianna Fáil's promised 12-point plan on a United Ireland?

OVER TWO YEARS ago, Fianna Fáil announced that the party was working on a plan for a United Ireland. 

The party said it planned to publish a 12-point plan within a matter of months about how the links between Northern Ireland and the Republic should be strengthened to help prepare for ...

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Home help care supports: How many people are waiting in your county?

A 90-YEAR-OLD woman living in rural Donegal, approved for a home care package three months ago, but is still waiting. 

A 50-year-old man in Louth with muscular dystrophy who suffered a stroke and was told by the HSE that a home care package would be arranged to enable him to go home but ...

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'I was forced to pay twice': Only very small no of cars clamped in Dublin city successfully appealed

ONLY ONE THIRD of the appeals made over clamping in Dublin city so far this year have been upheld, with over 23,000 vehicles clamped and only 6% of cases appealed.

In all, 23,147 vehicles were clamped in the first six months of this year, with 1,570 of these appealed, according to ...

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Post pulled by the HSE as recruitment freeze goes on resulting in longer waiting times for patients

THE HSE HAS said that a vacant post – that isn’t being filled due to the ongoing recruitment freeze in sections of the service – is resulting in longer waiting times for patients seeking physiotherapy treatment. 

Some patients have had their appointments cancelled due to the ongoing ...

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'I used to cut the girls, sometimes I would cut the wrong part and they would bleed terribly'

Órla Ryan reports from Kenya

Suli Gedi Jelle, a former circumciser Source: Órla Ryan

In a recent conversation with, Suli Gedi Jelle recalled the years she spent circumcising girls in Kenya. Suli is one of many former cutters, as they are known, who ...

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