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Drivers won't need 'green card' to cross border

The MIBI had previously warned that a green card - an internationally recognised insurance document - would be needed for all Irish-registered vehicles travelling across the border if the UK left the EU without a deal

The Motor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) says people driving ...

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Apple banking on blitz of new products to boost revenue

The technology giant is planning to announce three new iPhones at an event next month, with the handsets likely to go on sale in September

Apple is readying a clutch of new hardware for the coming weeks and months, including “Pro” iPhones, upgrades to iPads and its largest ...

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The anatomy of the coming recession

The next recession is likely to be caused by permanent negative supply shocks from the Sino-American trade and technology war. And trying to undo the damage through never-ending monetary and fiscal stimulus will not be an option

There are three negative supply shocks that could trigger a ...

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Infrastructure is such a fundamental part of the Anglo Irish economy

"Skills shortage is a chronic issue on both sides of the Irish Sea and more intensive lobbying of the UK government to recognise Construction trades as key workers is essential", says Chris Davies Managing director of DRS Bond Management Limited


What's your name? ...

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Macron has already thrown in the towel before G7 summit

Without a final communiqué, it may prove very difficult to know what the point of this year’s G7 summit is – apart from providing British PM Boris Johnson with his first taste of the world stage

Biarritz will be centre stage this weekend as the G7 machine rolls into one ...

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Google and Mozilla curtail Kazakhstan's browser monitoring efforts

The Kazakh government wants to launch a surveillance operation against its own citizens and neither Google nor Mozilla are having that

No Borat references here. If you came for those, please move along. Kazakhstan has up to now been best known for that Sasha Baron Cohen character, its ...

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Is Britain becoming a failed state?

As Brexit looms ever closer, Britain’s institutions, economic prospects, constitution, and future are all at risk

What is a failed state? Not so long ago, when I was Britain’s Overseas Development Minister, and later European Commissioner for External Affairs, I would probably have ...

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Competition for talent between Irish and foreign multinationals at an all-time high

Irish companies need to do more to attract top talent in business, economics, engineering and IT. Just one Irish company features in the top ten most attractive student employers in these sectors

Irish engineering, IT, business and economics graduates are choosing large-scale multinational ...

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Let’s talk about R&D tax credits

The research and development tax credit is an important enticement for investment in creating and sustaining employment

Last week saw the end of the public consultation on the research and development (R&D) tax credit. I’ve always said that consultation with us decreases ...

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It will be tax, Jim, but not as we know it

A new controlled foreign companies rule is the first of many dramatic legal changes coming down the line

Last year we brought a controlled foreign companies (CFC) rule into our tax law and the Revenue Commissioners have recently issued detailed guidance on the whole area. In the 2016 ...

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Know your employment rights when returning to live and work in Ireland

The continually improving Irish economy has seen increasing numbers of the Irish diaspora returning to live and work at home.

Some may have been abroad for a handful of years. Others may be returning after decades of working overseas.

But they have one thing in common. ...

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The real obstacle to climate action

Distributional issues – not aggregate costs – are the real obstacle to the ambitious policies needed to avert possibly catastrophic climate change

Climate change is probably the biggest threat facing humanity today. According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on ...

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Smaller retailers excluded from state online grant scheme, says RGData

Small and medium-sized retailers are claiming they are being excluded from an online retail scheme and are missing out on state-backed grants.

Enterprise Ireland’s ‘Online Retail Scheme’ was launched last year to help Irish retailers develop online offerings and give ...

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Donohoe’s dilemmas: 10 big decisions for Budget 2020

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe is set to play the ‘Brexit card’ when his colleagues come looking for more money. In some contentious areas, though, the pressure to spend may prove impossible to resist

In a short while, what is likely to be the fastest series of budget ...

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HP keeps it Elite with the latest G5

It’s not a laptop for finishing a college project: it’s the one for getting work done absolutely anywhere you need to

The G5 has been knocking around for a while, but it’s still right up there with the best in its price point. HP’s Elitebook range has developed the type of ...

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Italian government 'terminates here', says PM

In a speech to the Senate, Giuseppe Conte lashed out at League leader Matteo Salvini, saying it is not in Italy’s interests to hold elections every year

Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte is handing his resignation to the country's president after telling the senate that ...

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Kenmare pays first dividend despite drop in profits

Kenmare excavated a record amount of ore from its Moma mine during the first half of 2019, but bad weather affected shipments of finished product

Dublin-listed mining company Kenmare Resources has declared its first dividend payment to shareholders, despite reporting lower revenue and ...

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Germany preparing to soften spending stance?

On Sunday, finance minister Olaf Scholz suggested the government would aim to muster €50 billion of extra spending in case of an economic crisis

The German government is getting ready to act to shore up Europe’s largest economy, preparing fiscal stimulus measures that ...

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1989's story could have had a much darker and bloodier ending

30 years ago, Europe experienced a truly miraculous few months. Today, we should honour not only those who fought for change, but also those who refused to send out the tanks

This month marks 30 years since Europe – and human civilisation generally – began to undergo a miraculous ...

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Rebel hearts: Portraits of pioneering LGBTQI activists

A photography exhibition at Dublin Castle captures the ordinary, yet extraordinary people behind Ireland’s LGBTQI movement

Paul Connell is the photographer, the brains, and the heart behind the Pathfinders exhibition of LGBTQI-movement activist portraits.

After a ...

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Shipping industry ‘confident’ it can up capacity in event of no-deal

State agency says alternative routes to British landbridge are becoming increasingly viable

Ireland will be able to trade successfully with continental Europe after a hard Brexit using new shipping routes, according to the state agency for the shipping sector.

The so-called ...

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