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Poll: Should Ireland decriminalise the possession of drugs for personal use?

THE GOVERNMENT IS set to consider proposals to liberalise the laws on cannabis and illegal drugs.

However, as reported in the Irish Times this morning, these plans will stop short of “full blown” decriminalisation of the personal possession of drugs and some criminal sanctions will ...

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Poll: How do you feel about Donald Trump's visit to Ireland?

US PRESIDENT DONALD Trump is set to visit Ireland for a number of days next month.

Trump is due to visit the UK and France at the start of June for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Sources say he is expected to arrive in Ireland, where he will stay at his Doonbeg resort in Co ...

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Poll: Should 'co-living' accommodation be banned?

PLANS FOR THE one of the first “co-living” buildings in Dublin that would see a block of 208 studio dwellings with dozens of people sharing one kitchen have already led to calls to rewrite design standards.

The Bartra Capital Property Group has applied to An Bord Pleanála for ...

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Poll: Are you registered to vote?

CAMPAIGN POSTERS HAVE been hung and canvassing is well underway ahead of European and local elections next month. 

And with that, the deadline to register to vote in these elections coming up soon.

Eligible voters have until Tuesday, 7 May, to make sure they’re registered ...

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Poll: Do you use your Eircode?

THE GOVERNMENT HAS launched a new campaign encouraging property owners, farmers and businesses to mark their property with Eircodes in a bid to combat rural theft. 

Eircode - a postcode system for identifying the location of every house and business in Ireland – was launched back in ...

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