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Poll: Should households which use water excessively be fined?

HOUSEHOLDS WHICH USE water excessively will be given a year to reduce their consumption before they face being fined, under new government proposals.

Up to 80,000 customers who are likely to use more than the permitted annual allowance (213,000 litres per household) face being fined up to ...

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Poll: Do you give away unwanted junk food after Christmas?

You’re likely sick of the sight of leftover sweets, chocolate and biscuits during the post-Christmas detox. 

But what to do with thess remaining junk foods? Give them away? Bring them to book launches or family events? 

According to the latest Healthy Ireland survey, 62% of ...

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Poll: Are you worried about a no-deal Brexit?

PREPARATIONS ARE BEING made at British, Irish and European level for a no-deal Brexit, in case an agreement is not reached ahead of the official withdrawal date of 29 March.

British Prime Minister Theresa May and her team are making last-ditch efforts to get support for the draft ...

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Poll: Do you support nurses and midwives going on strike?

NURSES AND MIDWIVES will hold a 24-hour strike on Wednesday 30 January, with further days of action planned in February if their issues are not addressed.

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation has said going on strike is the “last thing a nurse or midwife wants to do” but they are ...

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Poll: Have you ever visited Trinity College?

TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN is planning to open up its campus with a series of new pedestrian entrances.

The plans, outlined in the Irish Times today, aim to make the university’s campus more accessible.

Professor Veronica Campbell, Trinity’s bursar, told the newspaper: ...

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Poll: Are you looking for a new job this year?

MORE THAN HALF of employers expect to lose employees this year because of increasing rents and the cost of purchasing a new home, according to a recent study. 

The Abrivia Trinity College Dublin Salary Survey found that 78% of organisations are planning to pay employee bonuses in 2019, ...

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Poll: Would you like to see divorce waiting times lowered or abolished?

A REFERENDUM ON divorce in Ireland is to be held on the same day as the European and local elections in May.

In 2017, the government accepted Arts Minister Josepha Madigan’s proposal to reduce the waiting time for a divorce from four years to two last year. 

In early ...

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Poll: Are you still eating leftovers?

EAT, DRINK AND be Merry, so goes the festive phrase.

Depending on how many folks you’d over for Christmas this year and how much food you cooked for dinner, there may still be enough turkey and stuffing left for sandwiches this evening. Or perhaps a roast potato and cranberry sauce ...

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