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Poll: Do you think Johnson will 'get Brexit done' by 31 January now there's a Conservative majority?

THE RESULTS OF the UK general election saw a huge majority for the Conservatives and the worst results for Labour in modern times.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly said he wants to “get Brexit done”, and the parliamentary majority for his party makes this a far more likely ...

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Poll: In the wake of the result in the UK, would you like to see an Irish general election in the next three months?

THE UK GENERAL election results have shown a huge majority for the Conservative Party and as a result, Brexit will almost certainly happen next month. 

Labour, on the other hand, saw its worst result since 1935 and party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he will step down from his ...

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Poll: Would you back a law that makes it a crime for politicians to lie?

THE LEADER OF a Welsh political party has published a new draft law that would make deliberate lying by politicians a criminal offence. 

Adam Price, leader of Welsh party Plaid Cymru, has published the Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill. 

This proposed ...

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Poll: Will you be giving to charity this Christmas?

PRESIDENT MICHAEL D Higgins yesterday lit the Áras Christmas tree and said his thoughts are with those in society who are homeless, marginalised and vulnerable. 

Addressing an assembled crowd at the Áras, President Higgins said: “We will remember our new Irish community as they ...

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Poll: Should councils introduce 'exclusion zones' for election posters?

A BAN ON election posters in parts of Dublin is being considered by Dublin City Council as a measure to reduce the amount of posters used by candidates during elections.

Council management has proposed that the creation of so-called exclusion zones, where no posters will be permitted, ...

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By-election results: Wins for Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil, two seats left to fill

SINN FÉIN’S MARK Ward pulled off a surprise win this afternoon to claim the first by-election victory of the day in Dublin Mid-West. 

He’ll be joined in the Dáil by Pádraig O’Sullivan after the Fianna Fáil candidate claimed victory in Cork North-Central this ...

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Poll: Should it be mandatory for dog owners to carry litter bags?

A NEW SINN Féin Bill proposes to make it mandatory for all dog owners to carry litter bags, or face a fine.

PA reported that the purpose of the Litter Pollution Amendment of the Dog Litter Control Bill 2019 “is to impress those in charge of dogs the importance of picking up their ...

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Search continues this morning for missing Portlaoise man after two arrested on suspicion of murder

THE DEFENCE FORCES and gardaí have resumed searching this morning for a missing Portlaoise man, following the arrest of two people on suspicion of murder yesterday.

William Delaney (56) was last seen on 31 January this year, and a missing person appeal was made in mid-March in relation to ...

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Poll: Who do you think will be the British Prime Minister after the general election?

THE CAMPAIGN IS now in full swing ahead of the British general election on 12 December.

Conservative leader Boris Johnson fielded questions from the public on a BBC phone-in yesterday, and the prime minister attacked his Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn for “siding with the IRA”. 

His ...

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