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Poll: Do you think 21 January should be recognised as Ireland's Independence Day?

IF A SEANAD Bill is passed by the Dáil, this day next year could officially be Ireland’s Independence Day.

The Declaration of Independence Day Bill, which has passed all stages in the Seanad, would declare January 21st as Ireland’s Independence Day.

It would recognise the ...

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Poll: Do you plan to cut back on the amount of red meat you eat?

SCIENTISTS HAVE WARNED that current diet trends across the globe are unsustainable, and must change over the next three decades to avoid environmental catastrophe.

The EAT-Lancet Commission has said that without changes, current diet trends will lead to climate change, biodiversity ...

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Poll: Do you think MPs will back Theresa May's Brexit deal?

BRITISH LABOUR LEADER Jeremy Corbyn has called for general election to be held in order to “break the deadlock” around Brexit.

His comments come ahead of next week’s crucial House of Commons vote on the draft Withdrawal Agreement struck between Theresa May’s government and the ...

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Poll: Do you think there'll be a general election this year?

IN THEORY, THERE shouldn’t be a general election this year after Fianna Fáil agreed an extension to the confidence and supply deal late last year with the minority Fine Gael government.

Politics in practice, however, can be quite different.

With the looming threat of Brexit ...

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Poll: When are you taking down your Christmas tree?

THAT’S A WRAP for another festive season, and those Christmas decorations may be starting to look a little less enticing.

A traditional date of 6 January for taking down the decorations comes ahead of many returning to work after the holidays, but maybe you’ve already got a head ...

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Poll: Are you going out tonight?

IT’S NEW YEAR’S Eve, in case you weren’t aware.

Many people will be going out to say goodbye to 2018 and ring in 2019. However, others aren’t a fan of hitting the town on such a busy night.

We want to know: Are you going out tonight? Poll Results: Yes, I'm going to a ...

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Poll: Are you worried a robot could take your job?

LEO VARADKAR HAS warned that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) pose a risk to people’s jobs.

The Taoiseach said most jobs are “vulnerable to digitalisation or automatisation”.

“Almost anyone in employment at all levels could potentially lose their jobs as a ...

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Man dies after being struck by car in Longford

A MAN HAS been killed in a road collision in Longford.

The 62-year-old man was struck by a car at Cleenrath, Aughnacliffe, Co Longford at 7pm yesterday.

His body was removed to Tullamore Regional Hospital where a post-mortem will take place.

The driver of the car, a ...

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