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Murder accused ‘put more effort into’ striking deceased with knife after first attempts didn’t work

A MURDER ACCUSED told gardaí that his first attempts to strike the deceased with a knife didn’t work so he “put more effort into it”.

The accused, who stabbed a man to death in broad daylight outside a shopping centre, admitted that he went out with a knife that day to “get him” ...

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Litter survey finds majority of Irish rivers, beaches and harbours are polluted: here are the biggest blackspots

LESS THAN ONE in ten Irish rivers, beaches, and harbours inspected as part of a nationwide litter survey are considered clean enough to meet European standards.

According to the survey by business group Irish Business Against Litter, only four of 50 areas surveyed were deemed “Clean to ...

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'Since moving to Ireland I have been born again, I want to thank the country for that'

I’M NASIR ELSAFI, a Sudanese journalist and painter. I came to Ireland about six months ago and live in a Direct Provision centre in Longford.

Before I left Sudan I worked with a number of human rights organisations that dealt with issues such as women’s rights and fighting ...

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Man raped child while on bail for sexual abuse offences

A LONGFORD MAN serving 13 years for sexually abusing four young females was on bail for these offences when he raped another child, the Central Criminal Court has heard.

The man pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to two counts each of rape and anal rape of the child on dates ...

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Poll: Do road safety ads have any impact on you?

THE ROAD SAFETY Authority spent €327,490 on the production of an ad campaign in which learner motorists are warned about the dangers of driving alone.

However, FOI records have shown the authority was sent dozens of complaints during the first month that the ad about the so-called ...

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'Very disturbing': Longford GP surgery spray painted with anti-abortion graffiti overnight

GARDAÍ IN LONGFORD are investigating a report of criminal damage to a medical centre after it was spray painted with anti-abortion graffiti overnight.

The graffiti on the front of the premise is critical of the media, doctors, and the Government’s abortion policy. 

The GP ...

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