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Poll: Are female-only professorial posts a good idea?

MINISTER FOR HIGHER Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor will tomorrow announce she is creating female-only professorial posts.

Writing in today’s Sunday Independent, the minister said she is addressing what she described as “the paltry proportion of women in senior third-level ...

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Poll: Are you getting the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise each week?

THE LATEST GROWING Up in Ireland study released this week revealed that Irish nine-year olds are not exercising enough. 

The survey shows just one in four nine-year olds get the recommended one hour of physical activity.

So today we’re focusing on adults. The World Health ...

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Poll: Would you consider going vegan?

NOVEMBER MARKS WORLD vegan month, and it appears more of us are considering veganism as a diet option. 

Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal for environmental, health or pro-animal reasons (or a mix of the three). Many also choose to avoid clothing made from ...

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Poll: Do you use plastic bottles?

SEVERAL DUBLIN COUNCILS plan to install public water fountains in order to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Dublin City Council is now working to “identify pilot locations” to trial water refill stations, a spokesperson has said. It’s hoped similar plans could be rolled out ...

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Poll: Have you started getting ready for Christmas?

WITH HALLOWEEN DONE and dusted for another year we are rapidly approaching the festive season. 

The lights are up, shop windows have been decked out and selection boxes line supermarket shelves. 

Each year it seems to come earlier and, though we’re still 53 days out from the big ...

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Poll: Would you leave money to charity in your will?

CO LAOIS WOMAN Elizabeth O’Kelly left a total of €30 million to five different charities in her will, it has emerged. 

The Irish Cancer Society announced that O’Kelly – who was 92 years old when she died in 2016 – bequeathed the charity €6 million in her will, making the same ...

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Poll: Do you plan to vote today?

VOTING IN THE presidential election and blasphemy referendum opened at 7am and will close at 10pm.

Incumbent Michael D Higgins is seeking reelection, with five other candidates in the running: Liadh Ní Ríada, Seán Gallagher, Joan Freeman, Peter Casey and Gavin ...

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Poll: Have you decided who you'll vote for in the presidential election?

IT’S LESS THAN a week now until polling day in the 2018 presidential election.

The six candidates have been campaigning hard in the past few weeks, with the last few days dominated by the furore and fallout from Peter Casey’s comments about Travellers.

There are still some ...

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