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Kilkenny High Street closed off after discovery of 'suspect device'

GARDAÍ IN KILKENNY have closed off High Street following the discovery of a suspect device. 

The device is believed to have been discovered at ‘Butterslip’ between High Street and Ciaran Street.

A garda spokesperson confirmed that the Army bomb disposal unit has been ...

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'People meet, discuss, hear stories and sing': How one of Ireland's oldest houses became a pub... again

WHEN MICHAEL CONWAY spied a run-down old building just off Kilkenny main street, he saw the opportunity for a neat fixer upper.

Conway had just become the consultant cardiologist for the Carlow-Kilkenny area, and the property seemed like the perfect spot for a studio of some kind to pursue ...

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Poll: Have you attempted a barbecue so far this year?

IT’S NOT UNUSUAL for people to start dusting down their barbecues and patio furniture around this time of year. 

But have you managed to harangue your family or friends out to the garden or park for a full-on barbecue yet? (And no, scoffing a rasher sandwich out on the back step in ...

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Poll: Should election poster be banned?

THE EU AND LOCAL election campaigns get underway today. That means campaign posters have begun popped up on lampposts around the country. 

Many people think that election posters should be a thing of the past and that the environment will thank us in the long run. 

91 ...

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