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Poll: Do you use your phone while driving?

LUAS DRIVERS HAVE had to apply the emergency brakes 550 times to date in 2018.

Most of these incidents (266) were due to motorist behaviour such as breaking red lights or getting too close to the tram. A Luas spokesperson said some of the near-misses with motorists and pedestrians were due ...

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Poll: Do you think Ireland needs a transport police service?

FOLLOWING AN “UNPRECEDENTED” stabbing incident on a Dart on Tuesday night, there have been renewed calls for a transport police service. 

A teenager was rushed to hospital, while a second was arrested following the incident between Killester and Harmonstown stations in ...

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Poll: Should the confidence and supply agreement be renewed or would you rather an election?

AFTER SUCCESSFULLY MAKING it through three Budgets, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are set to sit down in the coming days and weeks to discuss the renewal of the confidence and supply agreement.

Fianna Fáil has propped up the Fine Gael government for some time, after agreeing a deal following ...

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