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Poll: Have you made up your mind how you'll vote in the local and European elections?

IT’S ONLY A few days now until the Irish electorate goes to the polls on Friday for this year’s local and European elections.

Over 2,000 people are bidding to be elected to local councils while it’s a very competitive field vying to be members of the European Parliament. 

The ...

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Poll: Would you live in 'co-living' accommodation?

NEW ‘CO-LIVING’ APARTMENTS are part of the solution to the housing crisis, according to Minister Eoghan Murphy. 

The developments allow occupants have their own room, en-suite and shower, but they share living and kitchen spaces.

These type of spaces already exist in ...

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Poll: How much do you pay a month in rent?

RENTS IN DUBLIN have, once again, reached an all time high. 

The latest Daft rental report, shows that average rents in the capital have reached above €2,000, rising for the 31st consecutive quarter in a row. 

The report also highlighted that there were just 2,700 homes available ...

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Poll: When it's sunny in Ireland - do you wear sunscreen?

SUMMER IS HERE. Well, for the time being at least. 

Met Éireann forecasts that this week will see temperatures reach as high as 21 degrees with sunny skies across most of the country. 

Expect the parks and beaches to be full in afternoons and evenings while the weather is fine, ...

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Poll: Should parents be fined over their children's anti-social behaviour?

PARENTS SHOULD PAY the price for their children’s anti-social behaviour, Fianna Fáil’s Willie O’Dea has said.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, he said that parents have a “huge role” to play if their children are engaging in anti-social behaviour and they should be “forced ...

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Poll: Do you think humans will live in space colonies in the future?

THE BILLIONAIRE AMAZON founder Jeff Bezos this week unveiled his plans to send a spaceship and humans to the Moon… but his vision goes far beyond that. 

The plans for now are to send an unmanned ship to the Moon in 2023 but, looking far ahead, Bezos outlined his ambitious vision for ...

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Poll: Should the government spend €3bn on the National Broadband Plan?

THE GOVERNMENT IS expected to approve the €3 billion National Broadband Plan later today, a plan that was originally estimated at €500 million.

The NBP, first announced in 2012, aims to bring high-speed internet to parts of the country – smaller towns and one-off homes – that are ...

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Poll: Should Ireland introduce an age-verification system for users of pornography websites?

THE IRISH GOVERNMENT is set to consider the introduction of age-verification measures for users of online pornography.

Similar measures were announced by the UK earlier this month, when it emerged that pornography sites will be expected to have age-verification systems from July to ensure ...

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Poll: Do you use the same password for all your online accounts?

ON THURSDAY, IRELAND’S Data Protection Commission launched a statutory inquiry into Facebook’s password storage after the social media giant revealed that it stored millions of accounts’ passwords in plain text on its internal servers.

In March Facebook announced in a blog ...

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