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Poll: Should Bradley Cooper have gotten an Oscar nom for Best Director?

AND THE NOMINEES are … Not Bradley Cooper and Saoirse Ronan, anyway.

The nominations for this year’s Academy Awards (Oscars to myself and yourself), have divided people across social media. Firstly, people reckon our gal Saoirse Ronan was snubbed for her role in ‘Mary, Queen of ...

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How do I ask my housemate to stop going to town on himself in the shared shower every day? It's Dear Fifi

I’m still in Laos! I write this from Vientiane, the capital city. I’ve stopped here for a decent chunk of time as I plot my next move and wait for my Vietnamese visa to come through. I’m not sure where I’ll be this time next week… northern Laos or northern Vietnam? It’s all ...

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Vegan "chicken" wings have found a permanent home in Dublin, but are they any use?

Wing It invited to try their new new premises without the promise of a positive review. 

EVERYONE HAS AN opinion on that EAT-Lancet report that came out recently on red meat.

You can read it here if you fancy, but the TL;DR version is that scientists reckon we need to ...

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Anne Hathaway has decided to quit drinking until her toddler son moves out in 18 years

THE VAST MAJORITY of us know what a hangover feels like; headache, nausea and an existential angst so severe you begin questioning every word you ever uttered and every move you ever made.

As such, most of us also know that these symptoms aren’t exactly conducive to an ...

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What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday rounds up the TV shows that you’ll be tweeting about tonight and talking about tomorrow.

If you want to feel a whole lot better about your cleanliness levels, then this is the show for you. The programme follows the scenarios faced by a band of extreme cleaners in the UK. ...

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PSA: A Vikings actor issued a statement of apology after referring to Fair City as 'a joke'

LOVE IT OR loathe it, there’s no denying that Fair City quickly became part of Irish TV tapestry following its launch back in 1989.


The comings and goings in Carrigstown has drawn in hundreds of thousands of ...

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The Spice Girls have responded to their 'gender justice' T-shirts being manufactured in 'inhumane conditions'

A REPRESENTATIVE FOR The Spice Girls has released a statement in light of reports that merchandise designed by the girl group in order to raise funds for Comic Relief’s ‘gender justice’ campaign were manufactured in ‘inhuman conditions’.

Source: PA Wire/PA Images ...

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Poll: Now that the Ofcom complaints have been added up, where do you stand on the Gemma Collins drama?

Source: ITV

WHETHER OR NOT you’re a fan of this year’s series of Dancing on Ice, it’s likely that you heard about the drama that took place on Sunday night, when Gemma Collins finally snapped. 

If not, here’s all of the background you need. In light of everything ...

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Azealia Banks called Irish women 'ugly', so Irish people proceeded to spend the night proving her right

Source: Azealia Banks/Instagram

IF YOU KNOW anything about Azealia Banks, you’ll know that she’s the perfect candidate for Celebrity Big Brother. If she was the first contestant into the house, she’d find a way to start an argument with the furniture while waiting for the ...

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Beauty Q: Would you try the Bratz Challenge?

I WAS NEVER a Barbie girl, per se. The pink pandemonium seemed to pass me by. However, I was very much on the Bratz wave.

I had a good majority of the gang, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade, as well as ad-ons Dana, Phoebe and Roxxi (I never bought any of the lads because their ...

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Bebe Rexha said designers are refusing to dress her for the Grammys because she's a size 8's The Dredge

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt from the top to the very bottom.

Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

 Bebe Rexha claims that numerous designers refused to dress her for the Grammys as she’s ‘too big’. 

In an Instagram ...

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Here's why everyone's talking about Azealia Banks ahead of her sold-out Dublin show

FYI, rapper and soap-entrepreneur Azealia Banks is playing in Ireland this week.

View this post on Instagram Abre Camino. A post shared by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on Oct 9, 2018 at 12:22am PDT

Abre Camino.

A post shared by Azealia Banks ...

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You don't have to take a 7 day break on the contraceptive pill to appease the Pope anymore

NEW GUIDANCE RELEASED this week suggests that it’s totally fine to take the contraceptive pill every day as the break provides no health benefit.

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare’s (FSRH) new guidelines highlight that there is “no health benefit from the seven-day ...

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Where are all the key players in the Fyre Festival documentary now?

WE’RE GUESSING BY now that if you haven’t already watched the Fyre Festival documentaries, you’re setting aside some time in your week to do so. 

Yes, they are the most talked-about thing online right now, much like when the festival all went to shit back in April 2017. 


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Imagine if a high-profile woman echoed Russell Brand's approach to parenting

“IN NO TIME at all we’re in a coffee shop, she’s just got a nappy on, she’s covered in stuff because I’m not willing to fight any of the battles,” Russell Brand told The Sunday Times Magazine when reflecting on time spent with his daughter.

View this post on Instagram ...

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What to watch on TV tonight: Monday rounds up the TV shows that you’ll be tweeting about tonight and talking about tomorrow.

It kicked off to rave reviews from viewers, and tonight we reach the third episode in the series. Vogue and her husband, Spencer, are busy organising a naming ceremony for baby Theodore, ...

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A Youtuber raised €175k for a charity supporting transgender kids 'to spite' Father Ted creator Graham Linehan

THE INTERNET CAN be a pretty awful place.

Nobody knows that better than LGBTQ people, and in particular, transgender people. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a corner of the internet in which their lives and identities are not constantly up for debate. In terms of the ...

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Here's why Gemma Collins continues to be the biggest talking point on Dancing on Ice

LOVE HER OR loathe her, Gemma Collins brings the drama no matter what TV show she tries her hand at, and the latest show to receive the GC experience is ITV’s Dancing on Ice.

View this post on Instagram This Sunday ..... @dancingonice @itv ...

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Nobody knows how to feel about the news that Gillian Anderson is going to play Margaret Thatcher in The Crown

Source: Netflix

WITH THE MASSIVE cult following that The X Files had back in the day, which has been revived as of late by nostalgic fans and people who are just growing to love Mulder and Scully for the first time, it’s safe to say that people have some very strong feelings ...

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How Well Do You Remember These TV Shows That Debuted 20 Years Ago?

1. What was the theme song from The Sopranos called? ...

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Ja Rule's really not happy with how people view him after the Fyre Festival documentaries's The Dredge

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt from the top to the very bottom.

Source: Netflix

So, at this stage everybody has had a chance to catch up on the Fyre Festival documentary that was released on Netflix over the ...

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