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Megan Barton Hanson called Love Island bosses 'amazing' for showing her support... it's The Dredge

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt from the top to the very bottom.

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Megan Barton Hanson dubbed ITV ‘amazing’ for the support they’ve shown her

All eyes have been on ITV and Love Island ...

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Who Sang It: The Britpop Edition

BETWEEN 1993 AND 1997, ‘Britpop’ dominated the popcultural landscape.

While certain British bands were at its helm, the movement transcended the music industry in the UK, and could be found in various other manifestations in the worlds of fashion, politics and art.

In this ...

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"I fell in love with someone else during my long distance relationship - the post office clerk"


So came the response as I shoved an a small envelope and a badly wrapped package containing nothing but a few Wisps bars through the gap at the post office till.

My boyfriend had been in Canada for approximately two out of the 11 months he was due to ...

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Binge-watched Queer Eye already? Here are 8 other Netflix reality shows to keep you entertained

WITH SEASON THREE dropping on Netflix on Friday, many of us spent our evenings binge-watching our five favourite fabulous men on the new season of Queer Eye.

Source: Birdie Thompson

With a whole new lineup of people getting transformed, and my attention being firmly glued to ...

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PSA: Camouflage is all over the highstreet right now, and here are our top picks

WHEN ALL SAINTS were at the height of their fame back in 1998, I did my level-best to emulate them at every available opportunity.

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This involved learning every word to Never Ever and dressing like I was about to enter combat.

Yep, combats were big in the ...

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Queer Eye season 3 landed this weekend, and here's the general consensus

REMEMBER A TIME before Queer Eye? Yeah, us neither.

Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

The makeover show – yes, we know it’s so much more than, really – returned to our screens for a third season this weekend, with fans binge-watching their way across the last 72 ...

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What to Watch on TV Tonight: Bank Holiday Monday rounds up the TV shows that you’ll be tweeting and talking about this weekend.

The Blind Side (RTÉ One,9.30pm)

It’s Bank Holiday Monday night and it’s likely you’re in a fragile state, so channel that emotion by watching Sandra Bullock in her Oscar-winning ...

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ITV have responded to backlash following the death of Love Island's Mike Thalassitis

CW: This article makes reference to suicide.

ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the body of former Love Island contestant, Mike Thalassitis, was found in a wooded area near his London home.

Source: Ian West

In a statement released by The Metropolitan Police on Saturday, ...

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'I’m scared that I’m going to get found out': Derry Girls' Erin is all too familiar with Imposter Syndrome

DESPITE BEING PART of one of the most highly acclaimed Channel 4 comedies in recent years, Derry Girls’ Saoirse-Monica Jackson clearly hasn’t let success go to her head.

Source: Niall Carson

In actual fact, it’s done quite the opposite, with the 25-year-old actress ...

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Is it just me that agonises over the 'outside' mirror in fitting rooms?

FITTING ROOMS ARE – for me at least – a nightmare to navigate.

Source: Shutterstock/Veja

Upon my approach, I’m usually sent into a Sophie’s Choice-type frenzy as I deliberate over the items I’m willing to leave with the assistant because I have – not for the ...

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We asked you which TV show is your visual version of a comfort blanket, and here's what you said

FRIENDS HAS A weirdly soothing effect on my soul.

Source: Giphy

I started watching it in 1996 – two years after it debuted – and I still remember the first episode I saw. FYI; it was The One with the Football.

You know, Thanksgiving, the Geller Cup, and a random ...

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Just every single time Ellen scared the wits out of Sarah Paulson

Source: Youtube

Reminiscing on Sarah Paulson’s very first scare on The Ellen Show, Ellen kept Sarah occupied while somebody crept up behind her to give her a fright. It didn’t end there. While she was recovering, another guy in a clown costume jumped out of a box in the studio ...

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What your period may be telling you about your overall health

ONCE A MONTH for more than a decade, we have been visited by mother nature. 

Source: Shutterstock/Anna Schlosser

Yes, most of us have experienced well over 150 periods in our lives so you’d imagine we’d be well used to the formalities. 

However, oftentimes we can ...

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What's in my makeup bag? Sherna Malone

EACH WEEK, WE’LL be taking a peek into some of our faves’ makeup bags to see their must-have products, because we’re nosy. This week, it’s the turn of facialist and blogger, Sherna Malone. You can find out more about Sherna’s work by clicking here.

Source: Anna Groniecka ...

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Beauty Q: Have you ever whitened your teeth?

Source: Shutterstock/tab62

AT THE MOMENT, teeth whitening treatments are more accessible than ever before. 

That’s not necessarily a good thing, though. On an episode of This Morning earlier in the week, Ruth and Eamonn were talked through the various methods of teeth ...

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From marketing to make-up artistry: How one woman combined business with beauty

ONCE OUR COUNTRY’S youth reach the senior cycle, we encourage them to consider their career prospects, and ask them to choose subjects, programmes and degrees which will help shape their future.

Source: Shutterstock/FrameAngel

And every year, students drop out of courses ...

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14 Irish shows, movies, and documentaries to watch on Netflix over St Patrick's weekend

IF YOU’RE SERIOUSLY not bothered with the idea of venturing into town on St Patrick’s Day, you’re probably planning on sitting in with some cans and Netflix on the big screen.


If you fancy watching something a little patriotic, here’s a selection of some of the best ...

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Basic Stitch: I tried to hem my own trousers because my mam is sick of my shite

In this new series, wants to help you get in touch with your inner Pinterest professional via some basic AF crafts – so simple, even Fionnuala can do them.

“THE HEM OF your trousers is after falling down!”

It could be a line out of Emer McLysaght and Sarah ...

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Poll: Are you arsed with St. Patrick's Day?

Source: PA Archive/PA Images

FOR SOME PEOPLE, namely tourists and teenagers who have managed to trick an off licence into providing them with some alcohol that they’re not old enough to legally drink, St. Patrick’s Day is the best day of the year.

It’s also a pretty ...

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The Gleesons, Una Healy, and Olivia Jade... it's our celeb winners and losers of the week

DailyEdge praises those who rocked the week in celebland, while keeping a watchful eye on those who should just log off forever.  

Source: Kay Blake/Zuma Press/PA Images

Olivia Jade 

It’s hard to say if Olivia Jade is a winner or loser this week. The daughter of ...

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What to watch on TV this weekend rounds up the TV shows that you’ll be tweeting and talking about this weekend.

When Brendan Met Trudy (9.15pm) 

The 2000 romantic comedy written by Roddy Doyle. Brendan is an earnest, introverted schoolteacher, who aside from his participation in the local ...

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