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Lenny Henry: ‘When a grown-up beats you, all you think is, when is this going to stop?’

“I’m fascinated by it. It’s history.” Lenny Henry is explaining why he has decided to write Who Am I, Again?, an autobiography about his childhood in the English-midlands town of Dudley and the beginning of his 45-year comedy career. For Henry this isn’t just a bit of navel-gazing and ...

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E Nesbit: JK Rowling identifies with her more than any other writer

The house I grew up in was not bookish so I’ve made amends by filling my home with novels, biographies, travel books, works of popular science; every conceivable genre. When I was a child it worried me that I might not manage to read every book in the world. Now it seems entirely possible that ...

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‘We got the words, I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat. I just started screaming hysterically’

We’re not meant to outlive our children. It goes against nature’s plan. And yet, for some parents, the harsh reality of life that doesn’t go according to plan means they become part of a club that no one wants to belong to, and no one ever asks to join.

Anne-Marie Murtagh’s ...

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We need to talk about grief at work

Next month marks the seventh anniversary of my mother’s death and I can still vividly remember the day I returned to work after her funeral. I sat on the train watching the other commuters, in shock and disbelief that they were busily getting on with their normal lives when just a few days ...

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Bowled over by the many virtues of cricket

Before I signed my kids up for cricket it seemed bewildering to me and I had it down as a game for panama-hat-wearing posh guys who could stand around for days doing nothing.

Two years on and our summer months are dominated by the sport which gets everyone out the door before the TV goes ...

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What’s really in a packet of processed cheese slices?

No one could accuse Easi-singles of being a gourmet product. But the processed slices have an enduring appeal that is hard fathom for lovers of “real” cheese. Easi-singles have been on the Irish market for decades but there are plenty of similar contenders on supermarket shelves now ...

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When a child dies: ‘Grief doesn’t have a clock’

After relatively healthy pregnancies and babyhoods, neither Mary nor Tony Heffernan had any idea that both their children, Saoirse and Liam, had any underlying health condition – never mind one that would see both of them die at the age of five.

“There was no problem in the first 18 ...

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Simulacra: Carving out unique passageways into the past

SIMULACRA ★★★★ Jason Ellis. Oliver Sears Gallery, 33 Fitzwilliam St Upper, Dublin Until November 29th

Oliver Sears is candid in acknowledging that the ongoing transformation of Molesworth Street prompted his decision to move to his new location, not that ...

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‘All crime writers are asking is for a little respect’

Some years ago, a friend of mine secured a writer-in-residence gig which entailed living in the Borders cottage of the great Scottish poet, Hugh MacDiarmid. As a major fan, I blagged an invitation and was soon en route to Biggar to see how the great man lived; frugally and simply was the answer ...

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Gerry Thornley: Long-term planning won't be a luxury for Andy Farrell

The more you think about it, the more you realise what a sizeable task Andy Farrell and his assistant coaches have in following up the Joe Schmidt era. Given the inextricable link with the provinces, reviving the spirits will be a difficulty, but that’s where the rebooting has to ...

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Bord Gáis theatre records strong growth in turnover and profits

Big productions of Wicked, Matilda, Les Misérables and Swan Lake helped the company that owns the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin’s south Docklands to record strong growth in turnover and profits last year.

Latest accounts for Crownway Entertainment Ltd show that turnover rose by ...

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An Post gender pay gap is 3.7% in favour of men, company says

An Post has calculated that its gender pay gap in favour of men is 3.7 per cent. The semi-State company said its result was “better than most” but accepted it still needed to recruit more women, especially at management level.

The company will today release its first gender pay gap ...

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Must voters accept lies on Facebook? Oh honey, no they don’t

What’s on your mind? Facebook asks its users this every time they check in. Dearest revenue-generating-unit, what gives? Any content for us today? Let us fill the void by recycling some “memories” of that time you posted something in 2012, when we felt you loved us more, but our share ...

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€900m action against PwC expected to take place in 2020

The administrators of Quinn Insurance expect the long-awaited court hearing of their €900 million action against PwC, the failed insurer’s auditor, to take place next year, as they continue to rely on Government support for the company to remain in business to pursue the action.

The ...

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Ryanair hires company in Jordan to carry out aircraft maintenance

Ryanair has hired Jordan-based Joramco to carry out detailed maintenance checks on aircraft.

Safety regulators require all airlines to carry out regular detailed maintenance checks on their aircraft. Ryanair recently hired Joramco, based in the Middle Eastern country’s capital Amman, to ...

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Attempt to block abortion law change in Northern Ireland fails

An attempt to thwart the liberalisation of abortion law in Northern Ireland fell at the first hurdle on Monday when the Northern Assembly, sitting for the first time in more than a thousand days, was unable to complete the first item of business – the election of a speaker.

The ...

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Plans for nine-storey social housing scheme ‘greedy’

Plans for almost 500 apartments in blocks nine storeys tall in north Dublin that could be used for social housing have been described as “greedy” and “disingenuous” by Dublin city councillors.

Developer Andrew Gillick at a meeting on Monday told councillors he has offered an entire ...

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London breaking promise on market access for North, DUP claims

The DUP has accused the British government of breaking its promise to maintain unfettered access after Brexit for Northern Ireland to the British market after it emerged that northern businesses will have to complete declarations for goods they send to Great Britain.

Brexit secretary ...

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Practising yoga does not make you less Catholic

Om Shanti (Peace be with you) Bishop Phonsie! It’s okay, tuck the cross back into your cassock and save the garlic for another day because, believe me, yoga comes in peace. It has no agenda, no proselytising motive for it is not a religion.

Yoga has neither an inferiority complex nor ...

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Europe should not be afraid to call Erdogan’s bluff on Syria

Authoritarian leaders know a soft spot when they see one. When Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan made headlines this month with a loaded offer to send 3.6 million refugees to the EU he was following a long tradition of prodding the bloc exactly where it hurts.

It was a page from the ...

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Sam Cane and company have England in their sights

It would probably only deepen the wounds from last Saturday’s quarter-final in Tokyo Stadium were England to dethrone New Zealand in next Saturday’s potentially epic first semi-final in Yokohama.

This is not an anti-English bias, rather a win by Eddie Jones’ team would magnify the ...

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