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Elderly Kilkenny woman left bloodied after being hit by holy water sprinkler in church

An elderly woman was left sore and bloodied after being struck in the face by a holy water sprinkler during a Confirmation Mass.

A witness said the accident happened when the top of the aspergillum flew off as Bishop Dermot Farrell was blessing the congregation.

The woman, in her ...

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Plans to build mosque in Kilkenny city scrapped after locals object

Plans to build a Mosque and Islamic cultural centre in Kilkenny city have been scrapped.

Kilkenny county council originally granted permission for the development in October of last year, but the decision has been overturned after several locals lodged objections.

The proposed ...

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Kilkenny's Grace Walsh says she is weary of negativity around camogie

Kilkenny's Grace Walsh says she’s grown weary of the negativity surrounding camogie. Last year’s All-Ireland final, which Walsh’s side lost to Cork, sparked a debate about the state of the game, with many believing that the rules need to be aligned somewhat with hurling to ...

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