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Top ten tips for bringing kids on a guided vacation to Ireland

An overseas adventure with children (and grandchildren) can bring families closer while sparking a lifetime of great memories.

For those with kids ages 8 and up, a CIE Tours guided vacation has several advantages over independent travel. No driving or navigating unfamiliar roads means ...

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Joe Biden used to sound a lot like Trump on immigration, border fence

Biden last week referred to the border debate as “a crisis created by Trump” but it wasn’t so long ago that the former Vice President sounded a lot like the Republican president.

Read More: Joe Biden describes illegal immigrants as “the best of every nation”

In fact, Biden ...

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Which is the drunkest nation in the world?

The 2019 Global Drug Survey, which looked at 36 nations, found that people in the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) consume more alcohol than drinkers anywhere else in the world.

According to the report, Britons reported getting drunk an average of 51.1 times in a ...

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Remote Irish island seeks Irish Americans to work after broadband installed

A remote island in the Atlantic Ocean is inviting New Yorkers to connect, do business, and even consider relocating, after having high-speed broadband installed for the very first time.

Arranmore Island located 5km off the coast of Donegal, North-West of Ireland, has just gone through the ...

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My family's Holocaust story recalled during a trip to Limerick

In this piece from 2016, IrishCentral writer Kayla Hertz shares how the Holocaust is commemorated in Ireland.

People from all over Ireland gathered in the Limerick City and County Council last Wednesday for the launch of a powerful photo exhibition called “Traces of Memory: a ...

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Donegal named coolest place in the world by National Geographic

Donegal has been named by National Geographic Traveller (UK) as No. 1 place for 2017 in it’s an annual “Cool List” of recommendations for people who love to travel. Among plenty of other “ culture capitals, hipster hotspots, wild escapes, and places generally keeping it cool” County ...

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Will Game of Thrones kill off its last main Irish actor?

*Spoilers for season 8 ahead!*

There was once a day when almost every scene in Game of Thrones featured at least one name in Irish acting talent but with even Lord Varys, played by Northern Irish actor Conleth Hill, meeting his maker in the penultimate episode last Sunday, you'd be hard ...

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How a Waterford socialist politician became England's Minister for Health

John Wheatley was born 150 years ago on May 19, 1869, in the mining village of Bonmahon, County Waterford. Wheatley was the son of a miner. His father like many men in the area worked in the mines along the copper coast.

In 1876 the Wheatley family left Waterford for Scotland. John ...

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Accidental concert shooting and car crashes - Life on the road continues for Black 47

In the coming weeks and months, Kirwan and IrishCentral will look back album by album on the history of Black 47 and their rise to fame. Below is the sixth installment of the series about the creation of "Green Suede Shoes."

But first, an intro from Larry: 

All of these editions ...

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Polish explorer who saved over 200,000 during Irish Famine remembered in new exhibit

Described as “one of the great humanitarians of the nineteenth century,” the exhibition by the Polish Embassy in Dublin explores Strzelecki’s fascinating life and unique contribution helping starving Irish people during the Great Famine.

Read More: Ireland’s potatoes save millions ...

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Listen to JFK's previously unheard private message to Ireland

The recording was found by the Trim Tourism Network during the curation of the Dot Tubridy exhibition “Dear Dot” currently on view at the Trim Visitor Centre in Trim, Co Meath.

Dot Tubridy was a long-time family friend of the Kennedys and an unofficial Irish ambassador to the ...

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Horrific video shows Irish calves beaten on transport to EU

Secret footage captured by animal rights activists shows the calves being beaten, kicked, and jumped on by workers at a center near Cherbourg, the Independent reports.

At least 2,500 calves are unloaded at the post every 12 hours before being reloaded transported to the Netherlands to be ...

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New immigration sweeps to target thousands, the Irish included

How can I make this claim? Because last Monday, May 13, the Trump administration's secret plan to target undocumented families for mass arrests in ten U.S. cities was revealed.

Tens of thousands of parents and their children are at risk from a new and unprecedented Immigration and Customs ...

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Angry Clare locals warn protestors to stay away from Trump during visit

President Trump is expected to visit his Doonbeg resort in Co Clare during his upcoming visit to Ireland, his first as U.S. president, and a local politician is telling protestors to stay away.

Fianna Fáil councillor Bill Chambers, who represents the neighboring Cooraclare area, said ...

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When Ulster said 'yes' - the progressive unionism that lost out to the DUP

In the zero-sum world that is Northern Irish politics, it is difficult to imagine a time in which sub-varieties of the country’s two main forms of political expression—nationalism, and unionism—existed.

Yet in the wild world of the 1990s, that was indeed the case. The peace process ...

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'Fields of Athenry' songwriter to lead annual famine memorial walk in Mayo

Fields of Athenry songwriter Pete St. John will join Afri’s annual Famine Memorial Walk as a leader this weekend in Co Mayo.

Read More: Quinnipiac's Ireland's Great Hunger Institute hosts charity famine walk

Afri, whose goal is the promotion of global justice and peace and the ...

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How Ireland forever changed this shy American girl from Utah

I was twenty-one and soon to finally begin college full-time in my hometown of St. George, Utah. I felt behind—behind my friends, behind where I had hoped to be at that time, and panicking.

My friends had slowly trickled away, moving, getting married, some of them even having kids. My ...

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Ireland's islands - scenic havens around the Irish coastline

Looking for some unspoiled beauty to soak up during your trip to Ireland? Thankfully Ireland has no shortage of stunning islands dotting its entire coastline.

Here’s the best of what to see if you decide to go offshore on your trip to the Emerald Isle!

Read More: IrishCentral ...

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Kennedy family attend Meath exhibition launch dedicated to Irish history maker

Tubridy is credited with starting the tradition of Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister) presenting US Presidents with shamrock in a Waterford Crystal bowl. on St. Patrick's Day.

Read More: New JFK statue unveiled in great-grandfather's Co Limerick hometown

The exhibition entitled ...

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Loretta Brennan Glucksman, Ireland's champion, receives a well-deserved reward

Although she has been at the forefront of Irish political and cultural life on both sides of the Atlantic for decades, Loretta Brennan Glucksman has always eschewed the limelight, preferring to highlight the work of others than seek accolades for herself.

Irish America won't let her off ...

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Why is the Land of the Free attacking my fundamental freedom to have a choice?

You thought women in the US and around the world were angry during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing? You thought they were enraged during the #MeToo movement?

Those moments feel just like warm-ups now for the largest battle women in America are having to face—the battle to stop the country ...

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