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Can you hear this silent video? Irish people convinced they can

A GIF has caused a stir on social media, with nearly 70% of people claiming that they can ‘hear’ it, despite the fact that it has no audio. The silent gif of skipping pylons is once again doing the rounds as people claim they can for sure here a beating. 

The GIF, originally created ...

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Did you know this Spice Girls music video was filmed in Dublin?

The Spice Girls are in Ireland for a show at Dublin’s Croke Park this weekend, but some local people still fondly remember when the Britpop sensations came to Ireland to film their music video for ‘Stop’ in the late ‘90s.

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The Spice Girls have landed in Dublin and they’re having an absolute blast

Spice Girls in Dublin is the gig of the year and the band themselves look just as excited to be in Ireland as the rest of us are. The biggest girl group in the history of the world (I'm taking no arguments) are performing in Croke Park on Friday night as they become the first ever girl group to ...

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British Prime Minister resigns amid Brexit shambles

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has officially announced that she will step down as the leader of the conservative Tory Party on June 7. Her decision is said to have come after the backlash against her over the “new Brexit deal.”

In a tearful address to the media outside 10 ...

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British Prime Minister resigns amid Brexit shambles

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has officially announced that she will step down as the leader of the conservative Tory Party on June 7. Her decision is said to have come after the backlash against her over the “new Brexit deal.”

In a tearful address to the media outside 10 ...

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Rare U2 clip from the 80s reminds us how rock and roll they really were

Before Bono was one of the most recognizable faces in the world and was spending his time hanging out with Presidents and trying to save the world, he was already doing his bit to make lives better on a smaller scale, as can be seen in this fantastic rare clip from 1982.

Below is just one ...

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These are some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Ireland

There's probably no better place in the world where you can score a few Instagram likes than in Ireland! 

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Over on IrishCentral's Instagram, our followers love everything from castles to beaches, and from sheep to ...

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Surprising and delicious Guinness BBQ pairings for Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here, heralding the start of summer: sunshine, time spent outdoors with family and friends, and, of course, BBQs.

To make sure that your grill game is on point, a little knowledge of what beverages pair best with different grilled delights is a great thing to have. ...

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How incredible is this waterfront villa on West Cork coast

Situated on the Beara Peninsula just outside of Castletownbere, the villa is just the type of villa that Irish Americans have identified as their ideal holiday home on the Emerald Isle.

In a recent survey conducted by IrishCentral, in conjunction with Amarach, it was found that one in ...

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Most popular books in Ireland revealed

Despite being first released in 1997, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone" still holds sway over Irish children and was the most borrowed book last year.

In total, three of JK Rowling’s works made the top five, with "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and "Harry Potter and the ...

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The woman who changed Ireland - Mary Robinson turns 75

Seventy-five years ago this week, the most consequential Irish woman of the 20th century was born. Don’t take my word for it -- a nationwide survey by RTE Television in 2010 named Mary Robinson as the only woman in the top five, and she placed third behind Nobel Prize winner John Hume and War ...

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U2’s Bono shares his love of books on the Today show

The 59-year-old Dubliner’s childhood consisted of Moby Dick and Narnia and many others.  “I stole books. I’m probably not allowed to say that,” he laughed.

Jenna wondered if Bono’s folks read or sang to him.  He laughed at the thought.

“Ah no Jen, that wouldn’t have ...

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A glimpse inside Ireland's historic ghost villages

In the years following Ireland’s Celtic Tiger building boom, the country became notorious for its ghost estates – housing developments that were built (or were in the process of being built) with boom-time money, then abandoned and left uninhabited once the recession hit.

But Ireland, ...

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Irish American extremist supported ISIS beheading of James Foley in newly discovered letters

Captured in 2001 during the US invasion of Afghanistan, Walker Lindh has converted from supporting the Taliban to supporting the Islamic State, according to Atlantic Magazine journalist Graeme Wood, who corresponded with Walker Lindh while he was behind bars.

In a series of letters written ...

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Dr. Pierce Brosnan addresses anti-Irish racism in Penn commencement speech

PB was awarded an honorary doctorate by Dickinson for his work on environmental issues.  The Co. Meath native has been a long-time activist with regards to saving whales and marine life.

His most famous role was, of course, James Bond – Pierce played the superspy in three installments ...

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WATCH: Irish American Navy SEAL describes unusual way Bin Laden was identified

Rob O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL credited with killing Osama Bin Laden in 2011, confirmed an account from Admiral William McRaven about the unusual way they identified the notorious terrorist after he was shot.

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How you can support the mental health of Irish immigrants this June

Taking place on June 1 and June 8 primarily, the walks will take place all over the state of New York, from Rockland County to the Bronx, to Long Island City, along with a walk in San Francisco. Registration for the walks is at 4:30 AM.

The walks will start in darkness, in the early hours ...

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Irish American student tragically dies after falling from cliff in Oregon

Irish American Michelle Casey died following a tragic fall from a scenic overlook at Oregon's Neahkahnie Mountain on May 19.

Read More: Irish mother of two dies in tragic accident in California

Casey, a 21-year-old student at Oregon State University, was with her boyfriend trying to ...

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“I’m an Irish racist” declares top candidate in Irish European election

The formerly Atlanta-based Irish American businessman, Peter Casey, who received 340,000 votes in the Irish presidential election said he makes “no apologies” for describing himself as a racist and continued to criticize the European Union’s policies on migration.

Speaking on ...

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Top places to bring your kids in Dublin

"Are we there yet?" "Can we get ice cream?" Are these phrases familiar? Why not give your kids a vacation and bring them to some of the child-friendly locations and activities in Dublin.

From parks to historical tours, to magical doll palaces and real-life Vikings there's something in ...

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Beware! Car rental rip off continues in Ireland

Some months back we wrote extensively about Americans being ripped off by rental car companies in Ireland.

The number of complaints we got numbered about 30, giving some measurement of the scope of the scandal.

It was clear that a rotten and illegal game was underway by some if not ...

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