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Poll: Should Ireland focus on commercialising research to grow its startup sector?

Issues surrounding intellectual property rights and equity stakes can make spin-outs tricky.

IRELAND’S STARTUP SECTOR has some long held issues, as a lack of early-stage investment and a tax regime that doesn’t encourage risk are cited as factors that make it hard to start and grow a ...

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Maternity-related complaints made to the workplace watchdog have almost doubled

Complaints are on the rise amid legislative changes and growing global awareness of gender-related issues.

THE NUMBER OF complaints made under the Maternity Protection Act to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) have almost doubled in a year.

Figures released by the body to ...

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How Galway's Luna Connect is taking the messy paperwork out of small business lending

In our weekly Startup Scout series, Fora picks out promising companies that are emerging from Ireland.

BRIAN D’ARCY’S INTEREST had been piqued by transformation in the financial services sector, an area more fondly referred to as fintech.

A software engineer by trade, D’Arcy ...

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What will it take to turn Ireland into a mecca for entrepreneurs?

Some of Ireland’s brightest business talent look at where our startup set goes next.

IN THE AUDITORIUM of Avolon’s Ballsbridge headquarters, a former TV journalist is teaching 120 startup founders the art of shaking hands with prospective investors.

Presentation coach Claire ...

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Corporate investigations firm Kroll is opening an Irish business

The Duff & Phelps-owned company will provide a range of commercial intelligence services.

CYBER SECURITY AND risk management firm Kroll has announced its entry into the Irish market after reporting an uptick in demand for its commercial intelligence services.

The outfit is a ...

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The global tax world is shifting and it might not be good news for Ireland - what comes next?

The state is staring down the barrel of a new tax reality, one that could cost the Exchequer billions.

FOR SOME IT may have seemed like poetic timing.

Last week the government delivered Budget 2020, its no-surprises plan laid out under the pall of Brexit. The same week, the ...

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'Literally the best thing I've ever done' - Dylan Collins is relishing his role plotting kidtech's future

The serial entrepreneur on how he is helping to build a safer internet for children with SuperAwesome.

DYLAN COLLINS DESCRIBES himself as the type of entrepreneur who likes to build things, but with his latest venture there is an added bit of satisfaction. 

“This company is ...

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Helen Dixon has warned Irish SMEs to implement data safeguards ahead of Brexit

Businesses need to consider how they transfer data to the UK after Brexit.

DATA PROTECTION COMMISSIONER Helen Dixon has said that if Irish businesses fail to put appropriate safeguards in place surrounding the flow of data to UK companies after Brexit it will be “at their ...

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Five Lamps Brewery has a new home - and plans to trial UK exports

The C&C-owned beer maker will test its drinks in London.

C&C-OWNED BEER BRAND Five Lamps will trial its drinks in the UK early next year after opening a new brewery and visitor centre on Dublin’s Camden Street.

The facility will officially open to the public next week, ...

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Cybersecurity startup 4Securitas has snagged an investment deal from a French player

The two companies plan to integrate each others products.

4SECURITAS, AN IRISH cybersecurity company, has raised an investment from French firm ITrust.

The deal will see ITrust take a minority stake in the Dublin-based startup as well a partnership to integrate the two companies’ ...

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Cybersecurity startup Evervault has raised $3.2m from VC heavyweights

Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins have backed the Dublin company’s seed round.

CYBERSECURITY STARTUP EVERVAULT, led by 19-year-old Shane Curran, has raised $3.2 million in seed funding led by Sequoia Capital.

Evervault is developing solutions for maintaining the encryption of ...

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Eir has launched its 'new, modern, young' mobile network

GoMo is offering a deal of ‘all texts, all calls, all data’ for €9.99 for its first round of customers.

EIR HAS UNVEILED its “new, modern, young” mobile network, called GoMo, as it looks to increase its share of the market. 

Ireland’s largest telecoms company ...

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'How do we decompress after a high-pressure meeting? We have an Xbox in the room'

Tools of the trade: Boy+Girls co-founder Patrick Meade also talks about relaxing his no-dogs policy.

EVERY WEEK, FORA gets inside the heads of some of Ireland’s top entrepreneurs to gain insights into what got them to the top of their trade. This week we meet Patrick Meade, founder and ...

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Poll: Do you think taller buildings will ease Ireland's housing crisis?

Some argue accommodation in high-rise buildings are for people with deep pockets.

WITH STILL NO end in sight for Ireland’s housing crisis, some argue relaxing height restriction on buildings could help ease the problem. 

Others argue it’s an expensive option and doesn’t make ...

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Cavan's Apridata wants to simplify data analytics for the distribution sector

In our weekly Startup Scout series, Fora picks out promising companies that are emerging from Ireland.

WHETHER IT’S DUBLIN or Silicon Valley, Richard Stafford has seen the ups and downs of what urban tech centres have to offer, but ultimately he set up his company in ...

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Irish SMEs are pulling investment because of Brexit - and they're still not prepared

AIB’s survey of SMEs suggests a lack of certainty when it comes to practical planning.

HALF OF SMALL businesses in Ireland have cancelled or postponed investment plans because of Brexit.

That’s according to AIB’s latest Brexit sentiment index, which also found that two in ...

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Michelin stars are like an 'international avalanche' for restaurants. Then the food coma kicks in

Fine-dining eateries still grapple with skills shortages and rising labour costs.

VARIETY JONES WILL be booked out well into the new year after the Dublin eatery won its first Michelin star earlier this week.

Head chef and owner Keelan Higgs is busy prepping in the kitchen when he ...

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Revolut and N26 rocked Irish banking. Now their competition is coming to town

Bunq and Raisin recently entered the market, which already has some big players.

FINTECH, ‘NEOBANKS’, CHALLENGER banks. Whatever term you use, the sector is abuzz around Europe and the Irish market is becoming increasingly fertile ground for these players offering alternatives to ...

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Sugar, plastics and vegan demands: Lir Chocolate's boss on the coalface of confectionery

Ann Murray talks about segueing from food to beauty and back again.

ANN MURRAY TRAVELS a lot for work – but today she’s taking a rather unglamorous route through Dublin Airport.

Through a maze of back doors, grey concrete walls and a brief stint in the ID office, we get our ...

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Irish tech startup Pest Pulse has been acquired by a US cleaning services giant

The deal will see the company join ServiceMaster’s group that’s pushing further into Europe.

PEST PULSE, A startup building tech for the pest control industry, has been acquired by ServiceMaster, a US giant in pest control and cleaning services.

The Dublin startup, ...

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A no-deal Brexit could 'exasperate' the quirks of Ireland's grocery market

The Central Bank’s latest economic forecast outlined how prices would be impacted.

A NO-DEAL BREXIT could have “adverse consequences” on the prices consumers pay for groceries, according to a Central Bank report.

The financial regulator’s latest quarterly bulletin ...

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