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Giving patients a leg up: Galway's Feeltect is using medtech to treat venous leg ulcers

In our weekly Startup Scout series, Fora picks out the most promising companies emerging from Ireland.

AUSTRALIAN ANDREW CAMERON came to Dublin in 2012 for his post-doc in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Working under Prof Fergal O’Brien, Cameron’s project was focused on ...

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Sheepless nights: The serious business of sleep loss and the Irish companies living the dream

As sleep science hits the mainstream, meet the entrepreneurs helping us get a sound rest.

ALAN SMEATON HAS been tracking his sleep habits for almost a decade. Over the past few years, however, he has noticed that he isn’t alone.

The founding director of the Insight Centre for Data ...

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Things move fast in the Irish taxi industry, adaptation is key to what's NXT

Vincent Kearns explains the driving forces behind the deal to merge Xpert Taxis and National Radio Cabs.

THE FIRST FLOOR of Xpert Taxis company’s offices was a little busier than usual on Thursday morning. The company is rolling out a new tech system for bookings that its staff is just ...

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Capital power: why fintech companies are looking to Dublin in the e-money licence quest

US company Payoneer is the latest to get approval as Ireland is at the centre of a fintech revolution.

DAYS AFTER THE Brexit referendum, analysts predicted the great exodus of financial services firms from London to elsewhere in the European Union.

Dublin, Frankfurt and Luxembourg ...

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Work-it: Playing the generation game

From Generation X, Y and Z to Baby Boomers, keeping everyone on board can be a tricky balancing act.

IN OUR WORK-IT series, we talk to entrepreneurs and experts to delve into the most pressing issues for those trying to make it in the ever-changing business world. Whether you are ...

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Your crash course in... what Irish business is looking for in the election

In the thick of campaign season, what are the main issues for business groups?

WITH CAMPAIGN SEASON well underway, the key talking points, such as homelessness, security and pension reform, that could win or lose polling day are becoming clearer.

Ireland’s business community has a ...

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Out of this world: Meet the man behind Aylien, the tech company finding intel for corporate giants

Parsa Ghaffari is set for a big 2020 and has growth on the mind for his news intelligence platform.

IT HAS BEEN a busy start to 2020 for Parsa Ghaffari, following a rather busy 2019. 

The Aylien chief executive sits down with Fora as he manages a diary packed with interviews as ...

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Pour me another: Tourists are finding Irish whiskey neat but the Scots still reign

Ireland’s reputation as a whiskey haven is on the rise but there’s plenty of work to be done

IRELAND’S WHISKEY-TOURISM INDUSTRY is growing, but it still has about ten or 15 years to catch up with Scotland’s, according to Jack Teeling. 

The founder of the Teeling ...

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On a mission for growth: Why Kitman Labs is planning to double in size

The fast-growing Irish startup is on a hiring spree as it looks to capitalise on an evolution in sports tech.

KITMAN LABS, THE Dublin company that specialises in sports performance analytics, is planning for a busy 2020 and aims to double its workforce.

The company develops sports ...

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Fresh off a $45 million raise, French startup Lydia is joining Ireland's burgeoning fintech scene

After running a trial with Irish users, the payments app is ramping up its plans in a busy market.

IRELAND’S FINTECH LANDSCAPE is getting another player with French company Lydia preparing an Irish market launch.

Lydia is a mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payments app, similar to ...

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Poll: Should wealthier countries shoulder more responsibility in tackling climate change?

Environmental action, and inaction, are major themes in Davos this week.

WITH ALL EYES on the World Economic Forum held in Davos this week, climate change activist Greta Thunberg has been making headlines. 

While US President Donald Trump took aim at the “perennial prophets of ...

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Bulking up in Britain: Fulfill is looking to take a bigger bite out of a growing market

Brian O’Sullivan is plotting the protein bar company’s expansion after investment from US giant Hershey.

FULFIL IS BULKING up its UK presence to get closer to a growing food market that could prove lucrative for the Irish company. 

Brian O’Sullivan, managing director ...

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'Success can be a handshake with someone, it doesn't have to be profits'

Tools of the Trade: Stephen O’Reilly of GROWN clothing, on balancing business and life as a full-time firefighter

EVERY WEEK, FORA gets inside the heads of some of Ireland’s top entrepreneurs to gain insights into what got them to the top of their trade. This week we speak to ...

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Mr Cook goes to Dublin: The tech boss on Apple's 'unshakeable commitment' to Ireland

The chief executive addressed the “pretty big elephant” in the room of the global tax system.

ON MONDAY, AS Apple chief executive Tim Cook arrived in Dublin to accept an award from IDA Ireland to mark the iPhone maker’s 40 years in Ireland, he spoke of Apple’s ...

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Solving the 'spaghetti junction' of payments: Why CleverCards has inked a deal with Mastercard

Kealan Lennon’s Dublin fintech company is eyeing up an international expansion.

CLEVERCARDS, A DUBLIN-BASED fintech company, is prepping for an international expansion in 2020 after inking a new partnership with Mastercard.

The company develops a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) ...

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KeepAppy is making it easier for people to manage their mental health

In our weekly Startup Scout series, Fora picks out the most promising companies emerging from Ireland.

LAST SEPTEMBER, A report from advocacy group Privacy International showed that some period-tracking apps on the market were sharing sensitive data with Facebook.

It wasn’t the ...

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Sleeping Giant: The Irishman at the coalface of global sleep technology

Meet Colin Lawlor, the tech boss who wants to help the world sleep better.

KNOWING THE VALUE of a good nights sleep isn’t just a good habit for Colin Lawlor, it is also a massive part of his business plan. 

“When you don’t sleep cumulatively over time, (it) increases the risk ...

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From apps to taps: Where Ireland sits in the march toward a cashless society

Early adoption is led by the Nordics and Asia as infrastructure and societal acceptance plays catch up.

THE WORLD IS going increasingly cashless but Ireland still has a few hang-ups in going completely digital with payments.

According to analysts at the research firm GlobalData, the ...

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From 1980s trading to the trillion-euro investment management business: The rise of Regina Breheny

Responsible investment is ‘ticking along nicely’ say the IAIM boss, who has an eye to the future.

REGINA BREHENY ADMITS that she fell into investment management accidentally – which is a little surprising for someone who would go on to run the Irish Association of Investment ...

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Want to be a CGI wizard, sous chef or finance specialist? There's now an apprenticeship for that

Apprenticeships are changing – but attitudes to them need to catch up.

YOU MAY HAVE heard of apprenticeships in brick and stone laying, carpentry, plastering and other craft-based trades – but how about one as a Lean Sigma manager, a CGI technical artist or a sous ...

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Your crash course in... the EU's trillion-euro plan to be climate-neutral by 2050

Ireland has a part to play as Europe looks to transform its economy in response to the climate crisis.

IT’S A NEW year and there’s a new European Commission but the issue of the climate crisis is still very much on the agenda.

Taking the reins of the commission in December, ...

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