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Thousands march in Dublin to protest Government housing failures

Thousands of people from right across Ireland gathered in Dublin today to protest against the Government’s failed housing policy and to demand a change in direction.

The ‘Raise the Roof’ rally assembled at Parnell Square at 1pm, and made its way around the quays, past the Department ...

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Momentum for Irish unity building amidst Britain’s Brexit crisis - Declan Kearney

With one week left before the European Union (EU) elections in Britain and the north of Ireland on 23rd May, (EU elections in the southern Irish state will take place the following day), recent opinion polls published provide the latest evidence that the British state and its politics have been ...

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We need to talk about Climate Justice

The ‘Fridays for Future’ movement has succeeded in putting the issue of climate change to the top of the political agenda and the recent declaration of the Dáil to declare a climate emergency is a welcome initiative. However, this will amount to nothing if we pursue solutions to climate ...

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The Vultures are circling again – only Sinn Féin’s No Consent, No Sale Bill can defend Irish families

On Thursday, Ulster Bank announced that they would be flogging more mortgages belonging to Irish families, ripping their homes from under them and handing them to faceless Vulture Funds.

We all know about the Vultures – secretive international investors hovering over the Irish economy, ...

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Mary Lou McDonald: The people have spoken, it's time to deliver a government for everyone

Twenty-one years on from the Good Friday Agreement, the political talks beginning on Tuesday are an opportunity to finally realise the potential of that historic accord.

That agreement, overwhelmingly endorsed by the people of Ireland, North and South, promised power-sharing institutions ...

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Lyra McKee: There can be no going back

The circumstances in which Lyra McKee was murdered in Derry, one week ago today, were the height of recklessness. Lyra McKee was simply doing her job when her life was taken from her in the most horrific of ways. The emotional scenes from Lyra’s funeral yesterday afternoon should be a blinding ...

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‘Dodds comments on Martin McGuinness outrageous’ — Gerry Adams TD

Sinn Féin TD Gerry Adams has accused the DUP’s Nigel Dodds of an outrageous attempt to shift the blame for the current impasse onto the former deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness.

Gerry Adams said: “Nigel Dodds’ claim that Martin McGuinness did not to resign because the issues ...

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Loughinisland journalists brief Leinster House representatives on latest developments

Investigative journalists Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey were in Leinster House yesterday afternoon to brief members of the Oireachtas on their ongoing legal battle that emerged after their documentary ‘No Stone Unturned’ was aired in December 2017.

The documentary shines a light ...

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