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35 years ago - Gerry Adams elected president of Sinn Féin

THE Ard Fheis of 1983 marked a significant stage in the political development of Sinn Féin. The historic gathering came in the wake of the campaign in support of the H-Block and Armagh prisoners, the epic Hunger Strikes, the intervention of prisoner candidates, North and South, in 1981 and Sinn ...

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Seumas O’Kelly

The writer, newspaper editor and Irish republican Seumas O’Kelly was a native of Loughrea, County Galway. Author of short stories, plays, poems and a novel, The Weaver’s Grave which was his masterpiece, O’Kelly’s life was cut short because of his commitment to Irish freedom. 

The ...

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Time for the Irish government to step up to the mark - Declan Kearney

The publication of an open letter to An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar from over one thousand signatories in the Irish News is a powerful intervention supporting the rights of Irish citizens in the north of Ireland.

This letter reminded An Taoiseach of his statement on 8th December 2017 that ...

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110 years ago - The Irish Women’s Franchise League

At the start of the 20th century women began to campaign actively against the denial of their right to vote. In 1903 the Women’s Social and Political Union was founded in England and the militant feminists commenced the battle for the vote. In Ireland there had been groups working for ...

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Labour should not wait to engage in Irish unity debate - Declan Kearney

Last weekend the Irish Congress of Trades Unions (ICTU) and Irish Labour History Society organised a conference to commemorate William Walker in Belfast.

Walker was an anti-Home Rule unionist who was a leader in the Belfast Independent Labour Party (ILP) in the early twentieth ...

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On this day - Broadcasting ban introduced

Thirty years ago today the British government, fearful of the growth of Sinn Féin, introduced the broadcasting ban to stop Sinn Féin representatives being heard on television and radio. 

The ban was introduced by the British government's Home Secretary, Douglas Hurd on October 19, ...

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105 years ago - Ulster Protestants against Carsonism

 BY the end of 1913, the campaign against Home Rule for Ireland organised by the Ulster Unionists and their allies in the Conservative and Unionist Party (the Tories) in Britain had reached a crescendo. The Ulster Volunteers had been established as well as a provisional government which ...

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Artist and citizen

‘A Reluctant Memoir’ by Robert Ballagh published by Head of Zeus.

Robert Ballagh was first interviewed in the pages of the weekly An Phoblacht back in the late 1980s. For an artist of his stature this was courageous, dependent as he was, to some extent, on commissions from people who, ...

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