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Brian Boyd: Enough of the flight shaming and train bragging

The media love a folk devil. A villain is identified, and the sensationalist, over-the-top coverage that follows speaks of a lack of morality and damage to society. The folk devil du jour is flying – as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle found out this week.

Their incorrigible habit of ...

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UK on track to price itself out of EU with ‘Canada-minus’ deal

The European Union has long complained that the UK doesn’t know what kind of post-Brexit relationship it wants with its biggest trade partner.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has answered the question in a way which confirms the worst fears of those – such as Ireland – who want to ...

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The Irish Times view on the Garda reform plan: now for the implementation

The public has been promised that a new reform plan for the Garda Síochána will see policing power and decision-making devolved from headquarters in Dublin to the chief superintendents who will run 19 new Garda divisions nationwide.

Under the scheme, set out by Commissioner Drew Harris ...

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The Irish Times view on Russia’s nuclear explosion: nothing to see here

Two weeks after a nuclear accident at a Russian military site on the White Sea, Moscow has still not explained what happened, why it happened or what damage it caused.

Instead, a combination of rumours, satellite data, sensor readings and western analysis – as well as a shifting official ...

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Johnson may be better off studying de Valera than Churchill

A controversial agreement tearing the public apart; high expectations dashed by a political elite; a fragmented parliament; and a larger neighbour looking on with a mixture of concern and frustration. As fitting as this description might be for the current Brexit situation, it actually ...

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Leaderless North is now approaching the precipice

The real story of Northern Ireland over the past three years is how stable it has been. The real tragedy is not of a fragile peace being taken for granted but of a truly robust society being built then persistently pushed to the edge.

Since Stormont collapsed there have been four ...

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Criminalisation of purchase of sex punishes wrong person

The jailing in June of two sex workers, both Romanian nationals, one of whom was pregnant, has shed light on the dubious and problematic politics of Ireland’s recent criminalisation of those who purchase sex.

Introduced in 2017, the law was inextricably wedded to a view that sex work is ...

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The Irish Times view on elder care: a worrying lack of empathy

The care of elderly and disabled people has never been a priority with government agencies or local authorities, but the manner in which Waterford City and County Council has responded to the needs of vulnerable tenants is truly depressing. It allowed a waiting list for home adaptations to ...

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The Irish Times view on Italy’s political crisis: Salvini pulls the plug

With the resignation of Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte, Italy has moved closer to another general election at a time when it badly needs political stability. In a remarkable scene in parliament on Tuesday, Conte delivered a stinging critique of deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, whom ...

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Just as in 1914, the Brexit buildup is making calamity feel inevitable

The historian AJP Taylor argued that Europe was plunged into the first world war by the inexorable operation of train timetables. He was not ignoring historic rivalries between the continent’s great powers, nor truncating the sequence of diplomatic failures that turned competition into ...

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Hard Brexit will drive coach and horses through Belfast Agreement

On the morning of Good Friday 1998, I said to an exhausted Mo Mowlam that, whatever happened, no one could take away her contribution as secretary of state to any agreement that emerged that day in Belfast. She had connected in a way no one else could.

In different ways, the same could be ...

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Greta Thunberg’s voyage is admirable but not practical

Pierre Casiraghi, the Monacan royal who is sailing environmental activist Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic to attend the UN climate summits, told The Times recently that “we are probably one of the few boats in the world that is totally zero fossil fuel”. While this endorsement qualified ...

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A health service that looks after its staff will serve its patients better

As a young doctor I worked in what could be called the “old” NHS founded in 1948 by Labour’s Aneurin Bevan and which lasted until the “new” NHS of Margaret Thatcher’s governments. Though elected in 1979 her reforms did not impact at hospital level until the late 1980s.

When I ...

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The Irish Times view on Boris Johnson’s Brexit position: old ideas and empty slogans

Almost a month after becoming British prime minister, Boris Johnson got around this week to writing a letter outlining his demand for changes to the EU-UK withdrawal agreement. The new administration in London may have a negotiating strategy and some fresh ideas on how to avoid a hard border in ...

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The Irish Times view on Donald Trump and Greenland: diversionary tactics

Donald Trump’s suggestion that the United States might purchase Greenland has caught the public imagination, illustrating once again his talent for diversionary tactics. The idea combines just enough plausibility to balance its diplomatic lunacy. Greenland is rich in resources and strategic ...

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Paul Krugman: The world has a Germany problem

You might think that recent events — market turmoil, weakening growth, declining manufacturing production — must be producing some soul-searching in the White House, particularly over Donald Trump’s view that “trade wars are good, and easy to win.” That is, you might think that if you ...

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What I discovered on repeating my grandmother’s road trip across the US

I once sang in public on a weekly basis in Seville when I was studying the Spanish language and flamenco dancing. I always had an urge to go there. I thought it was because my father often spoke about seeing El Cordobés, a famous matador of the 1960s. His photographs from bull fights sparked my ...

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The Irish Times view on CAO offers: many routes to success

Notwithstanding the gathering Brexit storm clouds and growing nervousness in the markets, the Irish economy remains strong , and consequently the career prospects of our current cohort of school leavers and third-level graduates have never been better. Many of those who are still unsure about ...

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Una Mullally: Tech sector is not being held to account for its nonsense

‘The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink.” It’s 73 years since George Orwell’s essay Politics and the ...

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Ireland must fight myths about the EU in Britain

Ireland seems almost convulsed, perhaps understandably, by the political Brexit drama playing out in London. As Derek Scally rightly pointed out recently on these pages, it gets limited coverage in continental Europe. As he also noted, the “international” focus for a whole range of issues, ...

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Irish-language exemption plans go against best practice

Following an extensive consultation, the Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh, last week announced new criteria for granting exemptions from the study of Irish. The fact that a record number of people, more than 11,000, responded to the consultation demonstrates that this is no routine ...

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