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Rite&Reason: Grace is our pathway to doing right thing every day

Grace is “a thought that changed the world”. So sang U2 in Grace, a track on their 2000 album All That You Can’t Leave Behind. It is an audacious claim, bathed in the hope that it is possible to transform the pain of human life, finding “goodness” and “beauty” in ...

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The Irish Times view on the coronavirus outbreak: China’s big experiment

China is battling to contain the spread of the dangerous new coronavirus, but national authorities have acknowledged that the respiratory disease is spreading rapidly and that a further 1,000 cases are likely to be declared in Wuhan, the city where the first reported cases emerged. Some 2,700 ...

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The Irish Times view on patient advocacy: cause for concern

Patients are the reason the health service exists, so the resignation of a patient advocate from the board of the Health Service Executive (HSE) is an obvious cause for concern. Mark Molloy, who has stepped down from the board after only seven months, has with his wife Róisín Molloy campaigned ...

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Frank McDonald: Housing policy a litany of failure

Whoever forms the next government will have to deal with Ireland’s utterly dysfunctional housing sector and start connecting the dots between where people live, how they get around and the global climate emergency. Because based on current trends, we’re locking ourselves into widespread car ...

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Why our love for Leo is withering on the vine

“I care deeply about my country. I probably can’t put it into words as well as my opponent does, but I care deeply . . .”

Leo Varadkar, victim of his own inarticulacy, pitted against silver/snake-tongued Micheál Martin – does that sound really plausible? Is it really with the cri ...

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Bobby McDonagh: Light a candle for Brexit

Even though we will be in the middle of a general election campaign, it seems appropriate to mark Brexit Day in some way. Given its significance, like it or loathe it, it would be a bit of a cop-out to allow Friday to pass without some acknowledgment. Many in the UK will ring bells of triumph, ...

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The Irish Times view on remembering Auschwitz: Standing in solidarity

Ever since the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army in 1945, opinions have diverged on whether the Holocaust should be commemorated as a singular historical horror or used as a reference point for the present day.

As the number of survivors has declined and that direct human connection ...

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Fintan O’Toole: The terms of Brexit hold a great irony

We know what the week running up to the glorious day of Brexit is supposed to be like. A few nights before the original chosen date of March 29th, 2019, Boris Johnson was “in conversation” with his old boss at the Telegraph, Charles Moore, at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster. Johnson ...

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Irish Times view on Seamus Mallon: a shining beacon in our darkest era

Seamus Mallon was one of the towering political figures in Ireland over the past half century. A man of extraordinary courage who braved repeated loyalist and republican death threats, he never wavered in the pursuit of justice and peace in Northern Ireland through the dark decades of the ...

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Cliff Taylor: Brexit did, after all, mean Brexit

This time next week the UK will have left the European Union. You will hardly notice, bar reports of whatever show Nigel Farage and his pals put on in London. Nothing practical will change at 11pm on Friday evening. There will be much talk of how the real work – negotiating a new relationship ...

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World View: Next government could bring real shifts in Irish foreign policy

Depending on your view, the absence of foreign policy from the Irish general election campaign is either a sign of the sensible bipartisan consensus that has served the State so well or a symptom of the stultifying, cosy groupthink that inhibits fresh thinking about Ireland’s place in the ...

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Breda O’Brien: Time to smash Tweedledum and Tweedledee politics

On a bus this week, I overheard an older woman commenting comfortably that while she did not have much time for politicians, “it was probably Fianna Fáil’s turn”. For too long, the two largest political parties have relied on some kind of divine right to alternate in power.

As a ...

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The Irish Times view on fixing the housing crisis: yes we can, and we must

Not surprisingly, the housing crisis has been a dominant issue in the election campaign so far. From homelessness to record rents, unaffordable homes and inadequate supply, its negative impact is writ large across society. The roots are deep. They pre-date the great economic collapse and that ...

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The Irish Times view on Jeff Bezos and Saudi Arabia: deadly serious

The owner of one of the world’s richest companies and one of its most influential newspapers has his phone hacked after receiving a WhatsApp message apparently sent from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia’s phone. Five months later, one of that newspaper’s columnists is murdered in a ...

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Why Ireland cannot forget the Holocaust

2020. A new century has moved into a new decade. Occasionally remembered are the generations and a continent ravaged by World Wars. New generations are growing up in a Europe where most take for granted the right to live in a world, free from death and destruction. But now is a time for caution. ...

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Irish Times View on the general election campaign: Pledges aplenty

First debate done, first opinion polls in, manifestos published or imminent: the general election campaign is well under way.

The first 10 days have been difficult for Fine Gael, as the party has been confronted with the reality of the Government’s unpopularity and the extent of voter ...

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Irish Times View on the coronavirus: Health service must be on high alert

Despite mounting public anxiety, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declined to declare the viral pneumonia outbreak in China a public health emergency of international concern. Such declarations are rarely made. But the WHO and China were criticised for their tardy response to Sudden Acute ...

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We are not being submerged by a tidal wave of lethal violence

There is no doubt that the simmering law-and-order debate has boiled over during this election following the sickening murder of Keane Mulready-Woods.

But such depravity is highly unusual. Despite how it might seem, we are not being submerged by a tidal wave of lethal violence. There were ...

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Voter desire for change is driven by anxiety

Over the past five years elections and referendums around the world have signalled an ever-deepening public desire for radical change. The recent Irish Times poll has shown that the same trend is happening here.

There may be conflicting visions of this change as witnessed by the outcome of ...

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Short term election promises on pensions will not solve a long term problem

The Government’s intention to increase the age of payment of the state pension from 66 to 67 in 2021 and to 68 in 2028, is giving rise to much discussion as we head for the polls on February 8.

Some of the commentary is poorly informed, but understandably worry and even anger are being ...

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Third Level timebomb must become a election priority

“Crisis, what crisis?” Three words that helped bring down Jim Callaghan’s Labour Government in the 1979 UK General Election. The Prime Minister never actually uttered these words. A Sun sub-editor fashioned the head-line but it captured the popular impression of an administration unaware ...

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