Which 90s Pop Group Making A Desperate Comeback Are You?

Please, anything but Boyzlife.

1. How would you describe your financial situation? PA Images ...
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2018-11-15 10:01
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today 00:56 Sir Peter Jackson awarded Blue Peter gold badge for being an ‘inspiration’
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today 00:22 A look back at the 10 big stories form the year in music
today 00:22 How to stop tensions boiling over this festive season
today 00:22 PETER JACKSON: The way Johnny Sexton is going, is 2019 World Cup really his last?
today 00:22 Galway GAA chief pledges to get past ‘damning’ financial audit
today 00:22 VICTORIA WHITE: Delay in diagnosis will impact a child’s development for life
today 00:22 Isn't the job of planning authorities to facilitate wind farm development?
today 00:22 Pedestrian struck by van in Limerick
today 00:22 Preparing for a hard border amid British political chaos
today 00:21 Shocking: Two healthcare professionals arrested on suspicion of poisoning patients at hospital stroke unit
today 00:21 Garda investigation underway after a man aged in his 40s allegedly assaulted in Limerick City
today 00:21 Was it you?: Online player wins €1m in Wednesday’s Lotto Plus 1 draw
today 00:21 Pensioner, 84, dies after developing gangrene on his genitals due to staff not bathing him
today 23:35 Pedestrian struck by van in Limerick
today 23:34 'Prime Minister must change course': Opposition react to Theresa May's confidence victory
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today 23:31 Miriam Lord: Confidence and supply? More like Two Men and a GNU
today 23:17 Calls for TDs who are landlords to abstain from anti-eviction Bill vote due to conflict of interest
today 23:17 New laws banning zero hour contracts 'in most circumstances' to be in place in March
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today 23:16 May sees off confidence vote but rancour remains
today 23:16 EU will not offer legal backstop guarantees - diplomats
today 23:16 'It's tough to come to terms with' - Joe Schmidt on Irish exit
today 23:14 Theresa May receiving strong support from party ahead of leadership vote
today 23:14 PM survives leadership challenge – but only after agreeing to quit by next election
today 23:02 Valencia end United’s hopes of topping Champions League group
today 23:02 Sane at the double to ensure City finish top of the pile
today 23:02 US school moves to protect student who is bullied because his name is Trump
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